Frequently Asked Questions

In this page, I will try to answer all asked questions about LEARNS7 website.

Why the website created?

Every time I search for reference or documentation of a language I notice something lost, something I need to implement. For example, too many times I faced a documentation without real world examples and code samples. So I focus here to collect code snippets and code samples. I test those code snippets and edit them often as I see on other websites there are too many un-tested code thrown up there as answers or how-to guides.

It is hardwork, yet with a free access?!

Yes. I need it to be free. I can not afford to pay access fees on documentation or reference or how-to guides websites, so I made it free to help people like me. I add some advertizing banners to support pay hosting and domain renewal fees.

Why website documentation is in Arabic and English only?

It is because I can speak English and Arabic only. I can not write useful documentation in any other language.