Bash Shell Scripting Language

Bash syntax: print data or text on the screen, Variables & Print out them, Get Data From User, If Statement, Logic Comparisons, File Conditions, Case Statement, For Loop, While Loop, Bash Script Function Syntax, Bash Script Functions with Parameters.

Go Programming Language

Go syntax:
Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators
Declarations, Functions, Functions As Values And Closures, Variadic Functions
Built-in Types, Type Conversions, Packages
if statement, Loops: for loop, Switch
Arrays, Slices, Ranges, Operations on Arrays and Slices, Maps, Structs, Anonymous structs, Pointers, Interfaces, Embedding, Errors,
Concurrency: Goroutines, Channels, Channel Axioms.
Printing, Reflection: Type Switch
http server code snippet.

Java Programming Language For Android

Java syntax, Java Operators, Android code snippets, Object-Oriented Programming, class implementation, methods, creating/using an instance, variable types, control flow, String Quick Example, Array Quick Examples, Dictionary Quick Examples, How to get file from assets in Java on Android?, How to copy text to clipboard on Android in Java?, Get the first n characters of a string, How to save file on Android in Java?, How to implement merge sort algorithm in Java?

Kotlin Programming Language For Android

Kotlin syntax, Print to console, Constants and Variables, Assigning the null value, Verify if value is null, Concatenation of strings, New line in string, Ternary Operations, Bitwise Operators, Check the type and casting, Check the type and casting (implicit), Multiple conditions, Multiple Conditions (Switch case), For-loops, Collections, for each, Splitting arrays, Defining methods, Variable number of arguments, Defining methods with return, Returning result of an operation, Constructors, Getters and Setters, Cloning or copying, Class methods, Defining uninitialized objects, enum, Sorting List, Anonymous Class, Initialization block, Android code snippets, object oriented programming, coroutine, Kotlin Filter.

Flutter Framework To Create iOS and Android Apps

Stateless widget, Stateful widget, Model, Scope Model, UI, Icon & Splashpage, Screen Size, Colors & Themes, Styling, Layout, Size, Navigation, Route to other page without back (eg android final), Route to other page with back, Back (Basic), Back (Passing data), Action after navigation, Sidebar, Add left drawer, Add right drawer, Tabs, Add drawer with tab on top like Android, Add drawer with tab on Botton like iOS, Routing, Pass value in routes, Alert, Modal, Textfield, AppBar, Gesture, Keyboard.

PHP Programming Language

PHP syntax, code snippets, OOP, Objects, Classes, Getters and setters, isset vs empty.

PHP Laravel Framework

  • Laravel code snippets
  • A list of operators on Eloquent's where() method
  • How do Invokable Controllers work in Laravel?
  • How to access the Laravel's route parameters outside of the controller?
  • How to add a name prefix to all routes in a group?
  • How to add the CSRF (Cross-site request forgery) token in Laravel?
  • How to change the order that migrations happen?
  • How to check if a (blade) view file exists?
  • How to check if a relation was loaded on an Eloquent model already?
  • How to check if a user is logged in, inside a blade file?
  • How to do comments in Blade files?
  • How to eager load multiple levels of relationships in Eloquent?
  • How to exclude URLs from the Laravel CSRF protection?
  • How to find an item by Primary Key in Eloquent, or throw a ModelNotFoundException exception if it isn't found?
  • How to find out what version of Laravel you are using?
  • How to find the average value of items in a Laravel Collection?
  • How to fix the MySQL related "Specified key was too long error" error in Laravel?
  • How to generate an array for a dropdown (with ['key' => 'value']) suitable for a dropdown, from a Laravel collection of Eloquent objects?
  • How to get table column names from a database table in Eloquent?
  • How to get the first row that matches some where queries, or create it if it doesn't exist (in Laravel's Eloquent)?
  • How to group a SQL statement in brackets/parenthesis?
  • How to increment a value in the database?
  • How to make multiple routes share the same URL structure or URL parameters?
  • How to namespace a Laravel route group?, How to order a Laravel hasMany relationship?
  • How to prevent Eloquent from adding created_at or updated_at timestamps?
  • How to provide a default model object for relationships?
  • How to return an item in Eloquent, or throw a ModelNotFoundException exception if it isn't found?
  • How to return JSON data to the user in Laravel?
  • How to run an artisan command from a controller?
  • How to see all of the options for an artisan command?
  • How to select what columns to return when calling ::all(), How to show (or log) all SQL queries executed by Laravel?
  • How to show a specific view file for certain error codes?
  • How to undelete a soft deleted Eloquent row?
  • How to use subdomains as parameters in your routes (or in your web.php file)?
  • What are macros in Laravel?
  • What are route patterns in Laravel?
  • What is the loop variable in a @foreach loop in Blade?
  • What kind of database field type should you (normally) use for foreign keys?
  • Why should you update APP_URL from from http://localhost?

Javascript Programming Language

JS syntax, Javascript code snippets, Variables, ES6 var, let and const, Strings, Escape sequences, The length of a string, Split and Join, Index of a String, ES6 Template Literals, Arrays, Index of an array, Manipulate arrays with reverse, push, pop, shift and unshift, Remove any element with splice, Copy an array with slice, indexOf, Accessing Nested Arrays, ES6 Includes to Determine if an Array Contains an Element, ES6 The Spread Operator, ES6 Destructuring Arrays to Assign Variables, JavaScript Objects, Accessing Objects Properties, Accessing with bracket ([]) notation, Accessing and modifying Nested Objects, Modifying Objects Properties, Objects for Lookups, Accessing Nested Objects, ES6 Destructuring Variables from Objects, ES6 Destructuring to Pass an Object as a Function's Parameters, ES6 Object Literal Declarations Using Simple Fields, Booleans, If Else Statements, Else Statement, Else if statement, Conditional (Ternary) Operator, Multiple Conditional (Ternary) Operators, Switch Statement, Comparison Operators, While Loops, For Loops, ES6 for-of, Functions, Return Statement, Immediately Invoked Function Expression or IIFE, ES6 Arrow Functions, ES6 Higher Order Arrow Functions, ES6 Rest Operator with Function Parameters, ES6 Declarative Functions within Objects, Regular Expressions, Regex Methods, Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance, Closures to Protect Properties, Modules, ES6 Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming.

Angular 8 Framework

Angular code snippets, ..


Complete Reference for HyperText Markup Language (HTML).


Complete Reference for Cascading StyleSheet (CSS), CSS Selectors, CSS Pseudo Selectors & Pseudo Classes, CSS Sizes, CSS Colors, CSS Box Model, CSS Positioning, CSS Dimensions, CSS Color & Background, CSS Text, CSS Fonts, CSS Boxes, CSS Tables, CSS Paging, CSS Interface, CSS Aural, Adding CSS into HTML document, Applying and priority, CSS Media Queries, CSS3 RGBA, CSS3 Equally Rounded Corners, CSS3 Shadow, CSS3 Font Face, CSS3 Multiple Columns, CSS3 Box Sizing, CSS3 Box Resize, CSS3 Outline, CSS3 Gradients.

Rust Programming Language

Rust syntax, Rust code snippets, ..

C Programming Language

C syntax, C code snippets, ..

C++ Programming Language

C++ syntax, C++ code snippets, OOP, ..

C# Programming Language

C# syntax, C# code snippets, Dot Net framework, Metro UI, ..

V Programming Language new

V Official Website

.htaccess file

  • allow or deny directory listing
  • follow or do not follow symbolic links / soft-links
  • turn off server signature
  • temporary redirection via htaccess
  • permanently redirection via htaccess
  • redirect https to http
  • redirect 404 NOT FOUND to HOMEPAGE
  • customize error pages: custom 404 NOT FOUND page