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Laravel Commands Cheatsheet

laravel new project-name create a new folder named “project-name” in the current directory. Then create all necessary Laravel project files inside it. composer require vendor/package update composer.json with the necessary details of the package you are choosing to install, then install the package in your project. composer update update the installed packages. composer dump-autoload updates your vendor/composer/autoload_classmap.php file. You have to run this command if you have a new class in your project that has not yet been loaded. php artisan list list all the artisan commands php artisan --help or php artisan -h display some basic help.That shows all/some the available flags for php artisan

Laravel – Documentation and Code Snippets

Laravel is a framework for backend development for websites. It is written in PHP programming language. We use PHP to write website backend code in Laravel framework. A list of operators on Eloquent’s where() method When you use Eloquent’s where() method, by default it will use the = operator (i.e. ->where('fieldname','value') will generate ... WHERE fieldname = 'value'.... However you are not limited to just =. You can do something like this: $posts = Post::where("id","!=",123)->get() Any of the following may be used as the second parameter (and use the third param for the value) =, <, >, <=, >=, <>, !